Custom Features
Beautiful Gold Plated Lip Plate
The Suzuki Concertino Collection Flute is designed with a combination of professional features that create ease of blowing, great intonation and even register response. Beautiful, gold plated, beveled undercut blow hole assures accurate lip placement for greater pitch control in all registers. The Concertino Collection Flute also features a gold plated crown.
Italian Double Bladder Pads
Suzuki Concertino Collection Flutes use only the finest hand set, Italian imported double bladder pads for long life and seating characteristics. Highest quality imported springs ensure superior seals and precise note creation when playing quick tempos.
Beautifully Engraved Musique Logo
Found on only the most expensive imported professional flutes, all Suzuki Concertino Collection Flutes have expertly hand engraved logos. The look and feel of the double silver plated flute body and gold plated keys give this instrument a unique appearance found only on instruments that cost much more.
Gold Plated Keys
Suzuki uses professional plating techniques to give each flute a double layer of silver for a long lasting shine and warm, rich tone characteristics. Specially fabricated gold plated keys are designed for beauty, comfort and strength.
Professional Style Cork Bumpers
Most inexpensive student flutes use synthetic cork bumpers and cushions. Suzuki Concertino Collection Flutes feature the highest grade cork for virtually noiseless and smooth operation. This creates a firm feel found only on most professional flutes.
Special "Split E" Design
Most professional flutes feature a "Split E" Design. This unique feature makes it possible to fine tune the instrument for a richer sound and excellent intonation in all registers.
Additional Features
  • Short chimney for better lip placement