Custom Features
Quality Hand Finished Mouthpiece
All Suzuki Clarinet mouthpieces are constructed of the finest high grade plastic. This allows for accurate chamber, rails and tip with a medium close tip opening and lay. Each mouthpiece is hand finished with special emphasis given to the crucial mouthpiece tip. Now the beginning student can readily achieve immediate success with an easier blowing, more focused sounding quality mouthpiece. Complete with ligature, 2 reeds and metal mouthpiece cap.
Specially Fabricated Nickel Silver Plated Keys
Designed for maximum playing comfort and key strength, all Suzuki clarinet keys are heavily nickel silver plated for long lasting beauty. Unlike cheap chrome plating, Suzuki Clarinet keys have a professional look and feel using this expensive plating process. Following advances found on professional clarinets, many of the keys and key positions on our clarinets have been ergonomically designed to ensure maximum hand position comfort and ease of play.
Professional Logo Engraving
Found on only the most expensive imported professional clarinets, all Suzuki MasterClass clarinets have expertly hand engraved logos on every instrument section. Students will take pride in knowing that their instrument has the quality look, feel and sound of an instrument that cost much more.
Top Grade Imported Double Pads
A major element in any woodwind instrument, the quality of the pads are often the difference between an instrument that plays well and an instrument that never quite makes the grade. Clarinets have many pads and every one must securely cover and close the tone holes with perfect fit to ensure ease of play and intonation. Suzuki uses only the finest imported bladder pads, not synthetic pads, for long life and exceptional seating characteristics.
Sheet Cork Tenons Make For A Solid Fit
Most student clarinets have thin and porous cork on the tenon joints. Combine this with cork that is improperly cut and applied and you have a clarinet that does not join together for a proper fit. Wobble and poor playability are the result. All Suzuki MasterClass clarinets not only use specially engineered sheet cork, our experienced, trained craftsmen cut, taper and apply the cork so that each clarinet section has a snug, secure fit.
Additional Features
  • Hard rubber body
  • Wood grain look
  • Two barrels included
  • 14.85mm bore