Custom Features
Head Joint Features Beveled Lip Plate
Flute designers have many opposing viewpoints about flute design and construction, especially when it comes to the head joint. The Suzuki flute carries a combination of features that create ease of blowing, great intonation and even register response. A special beveled undercut blow hole assures accurate chimney placement giving the beginning flute player greater pitch control in all registers.
Top Grade Imported Double Pads
A major element in any woodwind instrument, the quality of the pads are often the difference between an instrument that plays well and an instrument that never quite makes the grade. Flutes have many pads and every one must securely cover and close the tone holes with perfect fit to ensure ease of play and intonation. Suzuki uses only the finest imported bladder pads, not synthetic pads, for long life and exceptional seating characteristics.
Professional Logo Engraving
Found on only the most expensive imported professional flutes, all Suzuki Flutes have expertly hand engraved logos. Students will take pride in knowing that their instrument has the quality look, feel and sound of an instrument that cost much more.
Highest Grade Silver Plating
Unlike other manufacturers who chrome plate their flutes, Suzuki uses professional plating techniques to give each flute a double layer of silver for a long lasting shine and good silver tone characteristics. This creates a tone that is warm and rich, and gives the Suzuki flute a professional sound that will encourage young players.
Hidden Adjustment Screws, Professional Style Bumpers
Most inexpensive student flutes use synthetic cork bumpers and cushions. Suzuki flutes feature the highest grade cork for virtually noiseless and smooth operation. This creates a firm feel found only on most professional flutes. Adjustment screws are hidden under the post-rod setup to discourage "adventurous" young players from attempting key adjustments on their own.