Unpacking Your New Instrument

Every Suzuki Band and Orchestral Instrument is carefully packaged to ensure that it arrives safe and undamaged. Follow these simply step by step instructions to properly unpack your new Suzuki instrument. We suggest you keep the outer shipping carton, the color box and foam end caps in the event it becomes necessary to re-ship your Suzuki instrument.

A word about Trumpet Valves.
Trumpet Valves must be maintained periodically. Even if your Trumpet is brand new, you may experience a valve that doesn't move freely. This is completely normal and does not indicate any problem with your new Trumpet. The valve simply needs to be cleaned and re-oiled. For cleaning instructions, refer to the Maintenance Guide that came with your new Trumpet. You can also download this Guide by clicking here.

(Note: In creating this page, a Clarinet was used for demonstrating how to unpack your instrument. Every instrument will use the Clarinet as an example of how you should unpack your instrument. The flute will just be smaller, the trumpet, alto sax, violin and trombone will be larger).

1. Position the outer shipping carton upright as shown. Cut the tape across the top and both ends of the carton.

2. Fold back the flaps, hold the outer shipping carton and slowly lift the color box out of the shipping carton.

3. Cut the tape on the side and the 2 ends of the color box.

4. Pull these 2 tabs out of their holes as shown.

5. Fold back the 4 flaps.

6. Locate the envelope and remove. This contains your instruments "Assembly, Care and Maintenance Guide", "Finger Chart" and "Warranty" page.

7. Hold the color box and slowly lift the instrument case out of the color box.

8. Remove the 2 foam end caps from the color box.

9. Make a tear in the bubble wrapping with your fingers. Do NOT use a sharp object. It will scratch the case.

10. Lift the bubble wrap off the instrument case.

11. STOP. Before you open your instrument, remove the contents of the envelope and read the "Assembly, Care and Maintenance Guide". This guide will explain how to open your instrument, assemble and care for it.

12. You will also notice a "Finger Chart" and "Warranty" page.