Professional Features
Beautifully Grained, Imported Black Ebony Granadilla Wood
Black ebony is an African hardwood that is so hard and dense, it sinks in water and must be machined with steel forming tools. Only the best will do.

3 Polycylindrical Barrels
Perfect intonation is not always easy to achieve, but each Suzuki Pro Classics Clarinet includes 3 barrels (63mm, 64mm, 65mm)to get you closer to perfection.

Extra Strong, Silver Plated Keys
The densest steel is pressure forged, then triple silver plated to insure for the most long lasting, minimum vibration clarinet keys. Feel its silky smooth touch.

Highest Grade Imported Leather Pads
An airtight pad seal is vital to any professional clarinet player and no expense is spared when it comes to this important professional feature.

Expertly Undercut Tone Holes
Combine the finest pads with this hand finished feature and Mozart could have written "The Magic Clarinet".

Imported Blue Steel Springs
Another Pro clarinet essential for speed and accuracy, these tiny parts cannot be compromised or overlooked for quality.

Post Anchors
Suzuki Pro Classics Clarinets have exceptionally deep anchor posts and post anchors in order to hold the keys, springs and pads for lighting fast fingers.

Hand Fitted Natural Cork Bumpers
Each cork bumper is checked by hand to ensure a perfect fit.

Adjustable Thumb Rest
All right thumbs are not created equal! So, we made provision for a little extra wriggle room, just in case.

Rosewood Reed Case
After purchasing or even making your own expensive reeds, put them somewhere they can dry and rest until called upon again.

Additional Features
  • Stainless steel tenon rings
  • Hand-made hard rubber mouthpiece included