About Pro Classics
An Amazing New Idea
The idea behind Suzuki's Pro Classics line of musical instruments is extraordinary, yet simple. Analyze top professional instruments from all leading manufacturers, improve the quality and add features. The result: An amazing line of professional band instruments, priced far below any instruments in their class!
As Quality Goes Up...
Each instrument is hand crafted of the finest materials by skilled craftsmen. The highest quality woods and precious metals combine with exceptional plating processes, precise assembly, hand engraving and uncompromising quality control measures to produce an instrument that will perform beyond your expectations.
The Price Goes Down
Each instrument has a Price/Feature comparison chart that will clearly show you the advantage of your preferred Pro Classics instrument over other leading brands. Most Pro Classics instruments are priced up to 50% below comparable professional models from other makers. Suzuki Pro Classics instruments compete and exceed in both features and price/value!
Value Has A Whole New Meaning
We invite you to preview the most exciting line of professional instruments ever developed. No other Professional instrument line offers so much for so little. Extreme attention to detail make Suzuki Pro Classics the new world standard in affordable, professional band instruments.

The Name You Know Proudly Presents "Instruments That Outperform!"