Professional Features
High Grade Silver Plated Body
Exquisite silver plating is the basis for the Suzuki Pro Classics Trumpet and makes for a beautiful appearance and warm tone quality.

Beautiful Hand Engravings
Hand art engravings are featured on the Suzuki Musique logo as well as additional embellished engravings on both the top and bottom of the logo.

New Patented Valves
Highest grade new patented valves set the industry standard now for exceptional flawless valve action. This horn is ready to perform

Heavy Duty Valve Springs
Aircraft quality stainless steel valve springs assure strength and longevity. These vital parts ensure quick and accurate finger action.

Hand Lapped Pistons And Slides
Hand Lapping uses very fine abrasives to shape and polish the metal of the valves. This assures an air tight fit. Suzuki uses Hand Lapping to accurately accomplish this procedure.

Abalone Shell Valve Buttons
Rare and beautiful, authentic abalone shell is used to enhance the appearance and provide a subtle, tactile feel when playing.

Squared Top/Bottom Valve Cap with Gold Trim
Designed to grip easily, squared valve caps are both practical and add an architectural look to this professional instrument.

Double Water Keys
Quick and easy removal of condensation is essential to a clean sound and made convenient by 2 water keys.

Double Bracing
Extra bracing provides for a stable instrument platform and eliminates most vibration caused by rapid fingering.

Adjustable Front Tuning Slide
Machined to exacting tolerances for silky smooth operation, the front tuning slide can be instantly adjusted for perfect intonation and playing position.

Rear Tuning Slide
Additional intonation adjustments can be made using the equally smooth rear tuning slide.

Additional Features
  • One-piece hand hammered bell
  • Reverse lead pipe
  • Hand-lapped pistons and slides
  • 3 finger rings
  • 0.52" bore, 5.24" bell