M-20, G-48, SU-21HM, SU-21W
Brandon Oneal Bailey
Country: USA
"The Suzuki M-20 Manji is an exceptional example of intelligent design and specific attention to detail in a diatonic harmonica. The manufacturing quality and nuanced parameters are what make Suzuki a leading force in modern instrumental manufacturing. The rich tonal qualities and design implementations make the M-20 an instrument that I am proud to play."

M-20, MR-550, MR-500, MR-200, S-64C, G-48, G-48W,
SCX-64, SDB-29
Filip Jers
Awards: Double world champion 1st place (jazz&blues) on harmonica, at World Harmonica Championship Trossingen 2005, Germany.
Country: SWEDEN
"Its an honour to play those fantastic instruments. They are the best"out of the box"harmonicas I have ever tried and when you customize them, they reach amazing levels. Superb quality, great construction, wonderful crispy and clear sound. Very airthight, loud and low, long lasting and a clear will to always improve and develop the instrument that is my love, passion and fulltime work - The Harmonica -."

Grégoire Maret
Country: Switzerland/USA
"During live concert performances and in recording sessions, I'm very demanding of the harmonicas I play. In my opinion, Suzuki harmonicas are by far the best instruments available. They have everything needed in terms of durability, response, comfort and overall quality. Suzuki is also the only company totally committed to improving the quality of their products year after year. I hope you'll enjoy playing these instruments as much as I do."

10 Hole (Manji)
Andy Just
Country: USA
"I was attending the SPAH convention in Sacramento this last August, and had visited all of the harmonica companies that were present. My friend Christelle Berthon had mentioned to me that she had just come from the Suzuki booth, and that they had a new fantastic harmonica out called the Manji. She had one, and asked me to play it. From the very start, I noticed how good it felt in my hands. I started playing it, and was amazed by the volume, the warm tone coming from it, and its overall clarity. Cool! I then started playing it harder, pushing more air into it, and noticed that it would not stall out. The Manji lets you play with confidence knowing that the notes will be there for you. I played it softly and could do the overblows with ease, and still retain the overall volume and tone that I demand. The Manji is by far the best diatonic harmonica "Out of the Box". Suzuki's advanced technology, styling and performance makes the Manji "The Harmonica" for both novice and professionals. Can't miss with the Manji!"

10 Hole, Chromatic
Billy Branch
Country: USA
"First of all I would like to say that I am very pleased to be working with Suzuki as a new endorsee. I am also proud to represent the new Manji model, and especially honored to have contributed to the design of this dynamic new diatonic harmonica. I feel that the Manji is very suited to my needs as an artist. It's sleek design is user friendly and fits comfortably in my hands. It is lightweight, yet delivers a full and rich tone, which as any serious blues harp player knows, is essential to a good performance. I am sure that the founder, Mr. Manji Suzuki is proud to have his name associated with this harmonica, and I am also very proud to play it."

10 Hole, Chromatic, Bass
Jouko Kyhala (Fabulous Chromatic F-64C, Diatonic F-20E, Chromatix SCX-48s)
Pasi Leino (SDB-39 & Mic. HMB-1)
Eero Turkka (Faburous Diatonic F-20J, Chromatix SCX-48s)
Eero Grundstrom (Faburous Diatonic F-20E, Chromatix SCX-48s)
Country: Finland
"Suzuki Fabulous blues harmonica responds beautifully to both smooth over bends and heavy bluesy playing. It over blows out of the box, and has proven to be reliable and durable in heavy professional use. My favorite blues harp nowadays."?Jouko Kyhala
"Suzuki bass harmonica is the best sounding bass harp I've ever played.
It is a perfect match with Suzuki bass harmonica microphone." Pasi Leino
"Fabulous is like a lovely maiden responding to your feelings." Eero Turkka.
"For my role in SVANG Suzuki has high quality instruments I have not found elsewhere. Specially the Chromatic SCX-48s are my favorite instruments." Eero Grundstrom
"Usually four octave chromatics suffer either of weak bottom octave or shrieking top octave. Suzuki Fabulous four octave chromatic is the first long chromatic that I can really enjoy playing throughout the whole range of the instrument. It feels like a serious pro instrument in your hands." Jouko Kyhala

10 Hole (Manji)
Christelle Berthon
Country: France
"Along the diatonic harmonica history, lots of things have been tried to make this instrument sounded great, but Manji Suzuki and his team have succeed to produce the impossible: a diatonic that keeps the tradition of the blues but the ability to be ready for the modern way of playing with overbends...the Manji M-20. I find this instrument so easy to play that it's useless to have very expensive customized harmonicas of any kind: the comb will last for ever (thanks to the high technology employed using the resin and wood fibers) and the adjustment of the reeds allows you to concentrate on the most important thing: the music. All that for a price that no one has never dreamt of. Sure I will never leave my Manjis behind me (they come in all 12 keys, plus low F and high G) they're now my best companions."

Michal Adler (Lead Chromatic)
Dror Adler (Chords)
Jacob Kol (Bass)
The Adler Trio
Country: Israel
"We need harmonicas that respond well and sound great. They should be absolutely airtight and built to be long lasting...very long lasting. That is why we play Suzuki harmonicas in all our concerts and recordings."

10 Hole, Chromatic, Bass, Chords, Single
Jacob Venndt
Country: Denmark
"Suzuki harmonicas is my opinion the right choice for any musician
wanting to explore the variety of harmonicas.
Harmonicas come in many shapes and sizes and Suzuki is able to bring new life to all of them.
Great performance and great and exciting design!!"

10 Hole
David Herzhaft
Country: France
"I play with HA-20 and MR-350 a lot. Both are very solidly built. Though I play my harmonicas several hours a day at home, in the studio and on stage I usually keep the same harmonica for months! I also like to use the new MR-200 Harpmaster, which I feel is a lot 'Punchier' than other plastic comb harmonicas; ideal for Blues, Country Music and acoustic sessions."

10 Hole (Manji, MR-200)
Leo Enry
Country: Chile
 "The incredible sound of this Suzuki harmonica and purity of its notes make it one of the best diatonic harmonicas today. Blues, Country, Rock, Folk, Jazz ... it is possible to perform any style with it because the precision manufacturing and production of Manji M-20 allows all musical notes are fully heard, and in turn, the effects that musicians normally use have perfect sound quality which is certainly one reason for the popularity of Suzuki Harmonicas."

10 Hole
Ian Gillan (Deep Purple)
Country: UK
"May I say that the Fire Breath MR-500 is the best I have ever played, absolutely fantastic. I can get tremendous definition and control and the tone is superb."

10 Hole
Hammie van Hall
Country: Holland
"I'm still playing the Suzuki Promaster Valved (MR-350V) because I can't find a better harmonica. I love the Promaster Valved because of its beautiful, round, warm and powerful tone. The reed plates last much longer than any other make and you don't have to blow or exhale hard to get a beautiful sound. The Suzuki Promaster Valved is still the number 1 for me!"

10 Hole
Dale King
Country: USA/Germany
"The instruments I really enjoy playing are the Harp master and Bluesmaster because they respond immediately and the sound is warm and full. Considering the low price, they are the best on the market at the present time!"

10 Hole, Chromatic, Bass, Chords
Hotshots (Al and Judy Smith)
Country: USA
"We play a variety of Suzuki harmonicas. My favorites are the MR-300 (Overdrive) for fast response and the MR-200 (Harpmaster) for easy bending. Judy loves her SCT-128 and SDB-39 with attached microphone. Suzuki produces durable quality harmonicas with high level performance and we appreciate their accomplishments in designing superior instruments."

Joe Powers
Country: USA

"Whether I'm playing Tango, Jazz, Classical, Blues, or Samba, Suzuki has the right harmonica for the job. The SCX-64 Chromatix gives me the range I need and a clear tone that rings out whether amplified or acoustic. The MR-550 Pure Harp is warm and responsive and the rosewood is beautiful to hold and behold."

10 Hole
Yang Le
Country: china
"The Promaster MR-350 allows you to play easily and freely, also fits any kind of music. You can play harmony easily and even Jazz that needs a variety of sounds. I really love the Promaster. Please do try this harmonica, and you will realize how much fun it is."

10 Hole, Chromatic, Bass, Chords
Steven De Bruyn
Best Musician 2004 from Zamu

Country: Belgium
"The HA-20 is a good-looking and nicely designed diatonic, with an excellent overall finish. It plays well straight out-of-the-box, but most important is its remarkable smooth velvet-like sound and the fact that it has proved to be very durable! The SCT-128 Tremolo Chromatic is a true vibrant chromatic that seems to appeal to both ears and eyes. Great to have a chromatic with a totally different sound!"

Jean Labre
Country: France
"The SCT-128 is a revolution in the present harmonica world. It enables the traditional diatonic tremolo harmonica to enter the chromatic family, thus offering new choice repertoires. This instrument is also perfectly adapted to world music performances. To marry tremolo diatonic with chromatic; a great idea and a success for Suzuki Music Corporation."

10 Hole, Chromatic, Tremolo
Pat Missin
Country: UK/USA
"Suzuki produces one of the widest selections of any harmonica company, from sturdy beginners' models like the Easy Rider, to the beautifully crafted professional instruments such as the Magic Garden. My own personal favorites are the SCT-128 Tremolo Chromatic and the MR-300 Overdrive; unique harmonicas that deliver sound unobtainable from any other instruments."

Chromatic, Bass, Chords
Art M. Danne
Country: South Africa
"I play many types of Suzuki harmonicas for their air-tightness, immediate response and smooth designs. They have never let me down. I play the SCH-48 and SDB-29, both with Microphone attachments, the 'Magic Garden' and the SCT-128 Chromatic Tremolo; a fantastic sounding instrument which appeals to the eyes and ears."
10 Hole, Chromatic
Stevie Jackson
Country: UK
"I'm very impressed with the SCX-64. It has a smooth action and a lovely tone and feels very luxurious to play. The low and high registers resonate beautifully. It's a lot of fun and I feel like it's making me play better."

10 Hole
Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks)
Country: Finland
"Just when I thought the Suzuki Hammond HA-20 couldn't get any better, they came up with the new Suzuki Fabulous F-20EJ. It is truly fabulous! It has a perfect tone and action and it stays in tune better than any harp I've ever played before. Thank you, Suzuki, for making my harp playing that much more pleasurable and better sounding."

10 Hole
Joe Pedros
Country: Italy
"Harmonicas have been my great passion since I was thirteen. My life has changed for the best, particularly since playing Suzuki harmonicas. I mostly play the HA-20, MR-300 Overdrive, MR-350 Pro master and now also the new MR-550 Pure Harp. They are wonderful and unique, with a sound reminiscent of the 1920's. I would not change anything about Suzuki harmonicas. Thank you, Suzuki."

10 Hole
Edoardo Bennato
Country: Italy
"I like Suzuki harmonicas for their outstanding sound quality and appealing design. I find the diatonic harmonicas particularly fitting for playing both blues and folk music."

SCX-64 Chromatix, SCT-128 Tremolo Chromatic, MR-350 Pro Master
Phil Caltabellotta
Country: USA
"I play Suzuki harmonicas because I find their response very fluid and lightning fast. At times I play very fast chromatic lines and the Suzuki harmonica is always on the money. I play the Suzuki SCX-64 Chromatix, SCT-128 Tremolo Chromatic, and MR-350 Promaster Diatonic. I love these because they are very well constructed, and fit all of my needs. Frankly though, they are the very best harmonicas I've ever played."

SCH-48 Orchestral Chord
Walter “Wally” Peterman
Country: USA
"I have played the 48-Chord Harmonica for 4 decades of my life. But the day that I first played the Suzuki SCH-48 Orchestral Chord Harmonica, I couldn't believe the sound that I was able to produce with this instrument. Every chord on the SCH-48 had equal compression, as well as consistency in tone quality and tuning of the 384 reeds across the entire instrument. The quality of this instrument is stellar, right out of the box, and is an absolute pleasure to play with our harmonica trio."

Chromatic, Tremolo
Jia-Yi He
Country: China/USA
"I love the Suzuki SIRIUS harmonica, and I play it with symphony orchestras."

M-20 Manji
Jackson Kincheloe
Country: USA
"The Suzuki Manji is by far the best out-of- the-box diatonic harmonica I have ever found. The Manji allows me to play everything I hear in my head, which is amazing- especially considering the price. The attention to tradition, and openness to innovation, make Suzuki Harmonicas my favorite harmonicas in the world. It is a privilege to play these incredible instruments!"

Chromatic, 10 Hole (Diatonic)
Beata Kossowska
Country: currently in Germany
"During my attendance at the Frankfurt Music Fair, a colleague asked me to collect some Suzuki Harmonicas. I had heard they were good, but only from what others had told me. The people on the Suzuki stand very kind and let me play every model. I was so impressed, I couldn’t hide my enthusiasm! That was the beginning - it was like a 'first love'. They were simply the best and finally I had found the ideal harp for me! Certainly proving why Suzuki is one of the most formidable Harmonica manufacturers in the world!"

Beata is one of the most advanced blues virtuosos, with a repertoire of styles including traditional Blues, over Blues-Rock to Funk. An incomparable dynamic style mixed with a vibrant personality and charismatic presence, the combination of which makes Beata a remarkable player, performer and singer.
With seemingly unlimited energy Beata performs and teaches in many countries, including Poland (where she originated) and Germany (where she now lives). And she speaks five languages!  As an endorser of Suzuki Harmonicas, Beata has been instrumental in promoting what she considers to be ”simply the best.”

Beata has performed in Memphis, Paris, England Italy, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Russia, Poland and Germany. Involved in several Guinness-World-Records connected with harps and a welcome guest on several television broadcasts connected to her music. A collaborator with various Blues bands, recorded music for several movies, and holds master classes for Harp around the world!

In 2008 she met the Bavarian Blues duo Bernreuther/Bayer and with them recorded three CDs: 
-The Cologne concert
-Heart, Blood, Ballads
-Soul on fire
Following on in Germany with recording of two harmonicas CDs:
-Die wunderbare Welt der Mundharmonika
-Weinacht’s CD
Beater believes her mission in life is to integrate people with music for pleasure and purpose and to show that everyone can have fun and creativity in playing and performing.

She has her own school of Harmonica for beginners and the more advanced and encourages people to perform on stage; 'something they would never think possible'!

Beata believes that “ music is very important in our lives - it gives us hope and shows us the way, so let's have a fun with music!”

Following on from her book 'Harmonica in Practice' (basic exercises for the absolute beginner) Beata is now working to follow on with additional material and related videos.
Other projects soon to be announced!