Suzuki Music Educational Instruments

Precorder Outfit

The Ultimate
Pre-Recorder Instrument

Rhythm Band Instruments

Natural Wood Quality You
Can See and Feel

Acoustic & Digital Pianos
Versatile and Value Packed

1-Piece Recorder Outfit

Exceptional Quality
and Value Packed

Rhythm Band
Instrument Sets

Sets offer Savings

Piano Teaching Lab
2 Way Communication
Puts You In Control

3-Piece Recorder Outfit
Deluxe Outfit
Includes Every Accessory

Worldwide Rhythm & Sound
Crazy Sounds Add Excitement
to Your Music

Lab Pianos
Ultimate Piano for Your
Teaching Lab

MasterClass Recorders
Exceptional Quality
at Half the Price!

Worldwide Rhythm & Sound Sets
Crazy Sounds Add Excitement
to Your Music

Band Instruments
Instruments that
Out Preform!

Orff Instruments
Innovative Features and
2 pair of Mallets

Hand Held Percussion
Drums, Gongs, Congas and
Tambourines for All Ages

QChord® Songcard Guitar

Award Winning Instrument
Anyone Can Play

Discount Starter Sets
Special Packages at
Special Prices

Floor Based Percussion
Exciting New Collection of
Timps, Temps and Snares

Acoustic Guitars and Ukulele's
Now Available

Stands & Carts
Move Your Music the Easy Way

Comfortable, Affordable,
Expandable, Convenient

Melodions & Andes
Multi Dimensional Learning Tools

Tone Bell Sets
Precision Tuned Sets Designed to
Enhance Tonal Quality

ToneChime Music Library
Scored Music Sheets and
Deluxe Songbook

50 Years of Innovation!

Mallets & Beaters
Mallets Made to Last

Chimettes and Tables
World's Most Affordable Chimes

Service, Parts & Warranty
Service, Replacement Parts
& Warranty Information