Suzuki Music Educational Instruments


Now your music class, choir or ensemble can experience the joys of handbell ringing with the most affordable hand held musical instrument, specially designed for even the most inexperienced player.

Involve the whole class with Chimettes as a starter set or in addition to ToneChimes or Handbells you already have. Pitched one full octave above ToneChimes, Chimettes are ruggedly constructed. Each overtone-tuned chime is attached to an unbreakable ABS handle which is balanced and padded to simulate natural handbell playing action.

A world of playing excitement awaits even the most budget minded school or church as Suzuki brings you the most affordable hand held musical instrument.

Chimette Carrying Case
Wheeled travel case holds 25 notes. Includes wheels, pull handle and music storage.

For Practice & Performance
Height adjustable table is perfect to bring Chimettes
or ToneChimes into quick reach. Soft padded surface.handbell table

CM-25 2 Octave Chromatic Chimette Set, 25 Notes, Range G5-G7 $ 249.00

CM-25c Wheeled Travel Case $149.00

LTT-25 Large ToneChime Padded Table — 35.25'' x 17.5'' $169.00
Now Only 99.00