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3 peice recorder

3 Piece Recorder Gives
You Ultimate Control.

Our quality 3 piece recorder is fully tunable with adjustable bell section to fit any size fingers and assure accurate and comfortable play.

Precise End Tapers Insure
an Air Tight Seal

Unaffected by heat or humidity, recorder sections will never fall apart. Exceptional tone quality, perfect intonation and adjustability, all at an
affordable price.

Unique Accessories are
a Suzuki Exclusive.

When purchasing the 3 piece soprano recorder, you not only get a quality instrument, but all the accessories needed for a rewarding learning experience, all at no extra cost.

Huge Inventory Ensures
Fast Delivery!

You need 'em, we got 'em!
Most orders shipped
within 24 hours.

"Modern Classroom Recorder"
New method combines graphics of all new notes with familiar music. Included are solos, duets & well placed theory worksheets. Also lyrics & chords
for accompaniment.
"Modern Classroom Recorder" CD
Background tracks are recorded in a variety of musical styles. Recorder lead line volume is low so your students can listen or play along.
"It's Recorder Time"
Basic skills of recorder playing and finger techniques uses simple folk, popular, classical and familiar melodies. Includes fingering diagrams, duets and exercises.
"Holiday Song Book"
37 solos, duets and trios for all occasions at any time of the year. Brings your class together for exciting group play.

SRE-3 3 Piece Soprano Recorder Outfit $ 6.00

MCR Method Book, "Modern Classroom Recorder" $ 3.50

MCR-CD "Modern Classroom Recorder" CD $ 9.50

IRT Method Book, "It's Recorder Time" $ 3.50

HSB Method Book, "Holiday Song Book" $ 4.50

Purchase a 3 Piece Soprano Recorder Outfit together with "Modern Classroom Recorder" Method Book for a special package price.SAVE $1!

SRE-3D 3 Piece Soprano Recorder Outfit & "Modern Classroom Recorder" Method Book $ 8.50