Suzuki Music Educational Instruments

Suzuki floor based percussion instruments add depth and dimension to any musical performance. Our timpanies have built in tuning keys with height adjustable legs. Always a favorite, new neon tempo blocks features 6 tuned blocks, stand and mallets. Snare drum kit now includes drum, stand, practice pad, sticks and carrying bag.

Spice up your music with a selection of ethnic proportions. Suzuki brings you Timbales, Congas, Gongs and a unique storage system for all your smaller percussion instruments and mallets. Drums are fully tunable that feature hardward with a gentle radius, easy on hands, and each includes a heavy duty height adjustable stand. Solid hardwood construction is topped with a durable finish.

floor drums

T-120 12" Timpany Drum w/Mallet $99.00

T-140 14" Timpany Drum w/Mallet $ 129.00

T-160 16" Timpany Drum w/Mallet $149.00

T-200 12"/14"/16" Timpany Set w/Mallets $299.00

NB-6 6 Neon Tempo Blocks w/Stand and Mallets $149.00

SD-14 Snare Drum w/Stand and Sticks $99.00

SDK-14 Snare Drum Kit w/Practice Pad, Stand, Sticks and Case $129.00

CT-24 Chime Tree w/Adjustable Stand and Striker $69.00

TS-2 Timbale Drum Set w/Stand, Cowbell and Sticks $119.00

MSC-2 Mini Conga Set w/Adjustable Stand $159.00

CS-2 10" and 11" Conga Set w/Adjustable Stand $269.00

DJ-2 Djembe w/Adjustable Stand $199.00

TB-2 Double Headed Tambor Drum w/Adjustable Stand and Sticks $149.00

HKG-22 22" Brass Gong/Stand and Mallet $199.00