Suzuki Music Educational Instruments

For decades Suzuki has refined this selection of hand held instruments. Drums of all shapes and sizes are an important element in your instrument set or in your classroom. Children of all ages love to hit and bang, and are especially excited about learning to control these natural impulses. Pictured here are portable hand held percussion instruments, all with special features for performance and playability. All of these quality instruments are hand built for continued daily use in the classroom.

HD-10 Ten-Inch Hand Drum Tunable w/Mallet $19.50

HD-12 Twelve-Inch Hand Drum w/Mallet $21.50

TM-10 Ten-Inch Tunable Tambourine $20.50

TM-100 Tom Tom Drum w/Mallet $26.50

DR-100 2 Headed Drum w/Mallet $29.50

BG-10 2 Headed Tack Head Bongo $29.50

BGS-10 2 Headed Deluxe Tunable Bongo $59.50

CG-10 7" Tunable Conga w/Adjustable Strap $49.50

HKG-14 14" Brass Gong w/Stand & Mallet $69.50

TB-6 6" Tom Boy w/Mallet $12.50

DD-200 Indian Drum w/Mallets & Neck Cord $13.50

FB-200 Power Fish Tambourine $9.50

CD-3 Junior Cajon $99.00