Suzuki Music Educational Instruments

The Airwave Harmonica is Super Fun!
Here's Why
The harmonica is the only instrument you can play simply by breathing in and out of it. You can play right away and sound really good in just a few minutes! Other harmonicas are really small and hard to hold, but the new Suzuki Airwave harmonica has a cool modern design that's easy to hold and easy to play! And there are no metal parts on the outside to scratch you or get hung up on.

Music... from the Harp!
A Suzuki exclusive, the all new Airwave harmonica is the answer to a beginning player's dream. Included with the Airwave is an instructional booklet that teaches notes, chords, and has exciting play along songs. Learning to play the Airwave harmonica is as easy as 1-2-3.

AW-1 Blue Airwave Harmonica - Blue
with Instruction Booklet
$ 16.49

AW-1 Red Airwave Harmonica - Red
with Instruction Booklet
$ 16.49

AW-1 Orange Airwave Harmonica - Orange
with Instruction Booklet
$ 16.49

Established in 1953, it's a little known fact that the very first product line ever produced by Suzuki Musical Instruments was the harmonica. In continuous production and development ever since, Suzuki Harmonicas have become the most technically advanced harmonicas in the World. Suzuki Harmonicas offer a huge selection of instruments for the casual player to the World's top harmonica players, performers and recording artists.

The new line of Suzuki Harmonicas incorporate the latest in technology and design features to give the player a whole new world of musical expression. All Suzuki Harmonicas feature laser reed tuning with specially developed reeds that produce the widest choice of sound timbres within any harmonica line. Phosphor Bronze reeds are featured on many of the Suzuki Harmonicas.
Suzuki designed some models with an all new machined alloy body that not only controls expansion due to heat and moisture, but works to amplify and project the harmonica sound qualities. Our revolutionary power reed valve system lets you bend, draw and blow notes for unheard of versatility. New Low F and High G keys give blues and pop players new ways to expand their favorite music.

Suzuki harmonicas are designed for you, with more features, more sound and more quality than any other harmonica in the world.