Suzuki Music Educational Instruments


What's a Precorder?
Precorder is a value packed beginning wind instrument that will provide an easy and rewarding first learning experience.

It's So Easy To Play!
Specially designed polished wind chambers make Precorder especially easy to play. Upper or lower register notes pop right out!

Little Fingers — No Problem!
Unlike cheap imitations, Precorder has raised tone holes that help produce clear, even tones. Little fingers seat properly and play more easily.

Extended Playing Range
Precorder has a full chromatic range. Start with diatonic notes, then
progress to the chromatics and
more interesting music.

Multi Colors!
Suzuki offers blue neon Precorders
for the boys, Purple neon for girls,
or our standard Gray. In any color,
Precorder is a best buy!

Huge Inventory Ensures Fast Delivery!
You need 'em, we got 'em!
Most orders shipped
within 24 hours.

"It's Time For Precorder"

It's Time for precorder
Specially designed for the Suzuki Precorder,"It's Time
For Precorder"guides your students through the basic
skills of Precorder play, note name introductions and
finger techniques. Also includes folk, popular,classical
and familiar songs, fingering diagrams, duets and exercises.

PRE-1g Gray Precorder Outfit $ 4.00

PRE-1b Blue Neon Precorder Outfit $ 4.00

PRE-1p Purple Neon Precorder Outfit $ 4.00

IPT Method Book, "It's Time For Precorder" $ 2.50

Purchase a Precorder Outfit together with "It's Time For Precorder" Method Book for a special package price. SAVE $1!

PRE-1Dg Gray Precorder & Method Book $ 5.50

PRE-1Db Blue Precorder & Method Book $ 5.50

PRE-1Dp Purple Precorder & Method Book $ 5.50