Suzuki Music Educational Instruments

Suzuki rhythm instruments offer you a refreshing alternative to the old style painted rhythm instruments of yesterday.

Suzuki quality crafts each instrument from selected hardwoods in exciting oversized designs that make the instrument easier to hold and give each instrument a large distinctive sound.

Every instrument is sanded to a silky smooth natural nontoxic finish. Suzuki rhythm instruments are even safe for the young child as there is no toxic paint to swallow.

Every Suzuki rhythm instrument is ergonomically designed to fit small hands and to produce the best possible sounds.

rhythm sticks          jingle tap          tone block
Rhythm Sticks
RS-100 $ 4.50 pr.

         Jingle Tap
SJ-100 $ 4.00

         Tone Block w/Mallet
TB-100 $ 5.00

suspended cymbal          claves          loop bells
Rhythm Sticks (Smooth)
RS-100s $ 4.50 pr.

CV-100 $ 4.00 pr.

         Loop Bells
LB-100 $ 5.00

wood block          tap a tap          crash cymbals
Wood Block w/Mallet
WB-100 $ 6.00

TP-100 $ 5.50 pr.

         8'' Crash Cymbals
CY-2 $ 29.50 pr.

tick tock          sand blocks          finger cymbals
Tick Tock w/Mallet
TT-100 $ 5.00

         Sand Blocks
SB-100 $ 6.00 pr.

         Finger Cymbals
FC-100 $ 11.50 2 pr.

guiro          Maracas          tambourine
Guiro w/Scraper
GR-100 $ 9.00

MC-100 $ 7.50 pr.

         6" Kids Tambourine
KT-100 $ 5.00

castanet          cow bell          whip
CT-100 $ 6.00

         Cow Bell w/Mallet
CB-100 $ 10.00

WP-100 $ 9.50

Bobbie Whistle          Triangle          Cabasa
Bobbie Whistle
BW-100 $ 4.50

         4'' Triangle w/Striker
TR-4 $ 4.00

CS-100 $ 9.50

shaker          handle bells          suspended cymbal
SK-100 $ 9.50

         Handle Bells
HB-101 $ 16.50

         8'' Suspended Cymbal w/Mallet
CY-1 $ 16.50