Suzuki Music Educational Instruments

Uniting the World Through the Language of Music

Established in 1953, Suzuki Corporation has successfully evolved into the worlds leading manufacturer of quality musical instruments for education. From it's inception, Suzuki has been dedicated to producing it's ever expanding selection of instruments with continuous design innovation and product improvement. Suzuki takes pride in attaining a precision quality certification of ISO 9001. This level of certification is usually found only in the aerospace and high technology industries.

From it's beginnings in Hamamatsu, Japan, Suzuki has grown into a truly international manufacturer with major production facilities in Japan, Korea, China and the United States. All of these factories are focused on the common goal of providing the world with the affordable means to positively communicate through the universal language of music. We know that making music is not only great fun, it also nurtures positive life attributes like understanding, respect, creativity, cooperation and personal expression.

Our extensive array of instruments, from the simplest of wooden rhythm sticks to our sophisticated line of digital pianos, electronic instruments and acoustic grand pianos, offers you a great musical experience at any level you wish, pre-school beginner to professional musician. Make Suzuki your primary source for the music in your life.

Suzuki takes pride in the continuous quality control inspection during all
stages of the meticulous hand assembly and finishing.

Shown here are several locations and operations in progress. Production of fine musical
instruments requires extremely precise heavy machinery in many cases. Suzuki also builds their own
automated robotic systems for efficient and precise manufacturing. With their ISO 9001 certification,
Suzuki builds robotic manufacturing equipment for other major industrial companies, internationally


Corporate Headquarters located
in Hamamatsu, Japan.

One of several factory locations
throughout Japan.

After the fine cabinetry is precision fit to each
instrument, a multi-layer high gloss finish is
applied, block sanded, machine polished and finally
hand rubbed prior to careful assembly.

Finished, tested and quality inspected Grand Pianos
await final cleaning and crating for shipment

Suzuki's western U.S. distribution center located in San Diego, California.
Suzuki also utilizes two other distribution centers in
Southern California and Kentucky as well as manufacturing
facilities in California.