Suzuki Music Educational Instruments

Suzuki's new Piano Lab Teaching System puts you in charge by allowing easy monitoring and communication with every student in your keyboard class. Our verbal switching network allows for 2 way communication and lets you monitor the progress of up to 10 students at a time, and you can add systems to make classes up to 30 students!

Performance can be monitored on an individual basis or split your class into two groups based on lessons learned. Talk to any student individually or in groups and they can talk back! Pre-recorded lesson plans or informational tapes can be played and explained through the system. Our new Piano Lab Teaching System is the most affordable product available today.

SPL-10C 10 Student Piano Lab System
Includes Teacher Headphone/Mic
6' Connecting Cable

SPL-KIT Includes Headphone/Mic Set
Control Box
30' Connecting Cable
(One SPL-KIT required for each student)

SPL-10C Specifications

Students 10 students max. per unit with 2-way voice and instrument communication

Function Control 
Student Controls
Student input level — 10 slide controls; Communications select — 10 buttons with LEDs; Group select — 2 buttons for each student with LEDs; Personal communication — 10 on/off buttons with LEDs; Class communication — 1 button with LED

Instructor Mode Microphone — 1 on/off button with LED; Private — 1 on/off button with LED; Demo — 1 on/off button with LED

Instructor Levels Microphone — 1 slide control; Instrument — 1 slide control; Headphones — 1 slide control

External Functions Stereo auxiliary input & output RCA jacks

Power ±14V DC (AC adaptor - Suzuki only); Consumption — 350mA (±14V DC)

Dimensions 18.25"W x 11.25"D x 3"H, 8 lbs, 11 oz