Suzuki Music Educational Instruments


Whether used in pre-school or elementary school, Suzuki tone bell sets enhance your students' learning experience.

Electronically tuned, these sets feature high quality aluminum tone bars mounted on unbreakable plastic resonator chambers.

All tone bells are removable from their stand or case.

TB-25 Step Bells, One Octave, Range C1-C2 w/Steps, 1 pair of Mallets $ 99.50

TB-125 13 Notes, Range C1-F2, Wooden
Carrying Case w/Music Rack,
1 pair of Mallets
$ 169.50

TB-17c 17 Note Chromatic Melody Bells, 1 pair of Mallets, Range C1-E2 $ 49.50

TB-12 12 Note Colorful Tone Bell Set, Carrying Case, 1 pair of Mallets, 12 Magnetic Notes to use on Case Lid Music Staff, 1 Bb 2 and 2F# Bars $ 49.50

TB-3 8 Note Color Coded Tone Bell Set. Includes one pair of mallets and plastic carrying case. Range C1 to C2 $ 29.00

CM-25 2 Octave Chromatic Chimette Set, 25 Notes, Range G5-G7 $ 299.00
Now Only 249.00
Limited Time 199.00