Suzuki Music Educational Instruments

We have assembled a collection of unique and interesting sounds of the world, guaranteed to add excitement to your music ensemble.

Add a new dimension to your rhythm band, Orff ensemble or any musical group with these special sound effects.

Giant Sleigh Bell Hoop          vibra slap          Agogo Bells
Giant Sleigh Bell Hoop
Dashing through the snow, in a 1 horse open sleigh never sounded this good! Giant steel sleigh bells mounted on beautiful wood handle.

SB-200 $ 22.50

         Vibra Slap
Teeth rattling in a dried cow bone jaw. Vibra slap reproduced this snake like sound no cow needed!

VS-200 $ 19.50

         Agogo Bells
Two tone steel Agogo Bells lend an air of Brazil to all your music. Samba here, Mambo there. Includes 1 wood striker.

AB-200 $ 18.50

Jingle Sticks          wood block          Tank Plank
Jingle Sticks
It's a tambourine on a stick! Easy to hold, easy to use. Produces traditional jingle sounds.

JS-200 $9.50 pr.

         Wood Block
Wood block with striker produces clear, resonant pitched sound with undercut tone chamber inside.

WB-200 $ 7.50

         Tank Plank (wood)
Multi toned wood block on a stick!

TP-8 $ 13.50

pin chimes          multi guiro          kokiriko
Pin Chimes
Twinkle, twinkle little star, our new pin chimes can be heard from afar. Solid multi tuned metal bars hang from wooden bar.

PC-200 $19.50

         Multi Guiro
Multi purpose, this metal guiro has 2 rubbing surfaces and 2 different metal strikers. Also metal filled for shaking.

MG-200 $ 39.50

From ancient Japanese music, wooden slats are strung together and strike each other in domino style

KK-200 $ 15.50

maracas          chickita          rachet
Maracas (wood)
Traditional painted wood maracas.

WM-200 $19.50 pr.

Teensy, weensy maracas have a unique swishing sound.

CI-200 $ 4.50 pr

An essential sound effect for all. Imitate drum rolls and use for comic effect.

RC-200 $ 29.50

afuche          mini afuche          plastic castanet
Afuche is made from wood wrapped with metal beads to produce Latin sounds.

AF-200 $ 39.50

         Mini Afuche
Afuche/cabasa is made from plastic wrapped with metal beads to produce Latin sounds.

AC-200 $ 29.50

         Plastic Castanet
Unbreakable and indestructible, this pair of plastic castanets has a pure, distinctive sound.

CP-200 $ 1.25 pr.

wooden castanet          castanet          metal shaker
Wooden Castanet
These colorful instruments are specially designed for kids and are made of hard wood.

CW-200 $ 2.99 pr.

Double castanet are mounted on handle and produce traditional sound just by shaking back and forth.

CH-200 $ 8.50

         Metal Shaker
Hollow metal tube is filled with small steel pellets.

MS-200 $ 11.50

wrist bells          Wood Guiro          bell tree
Wrist Bells
The bells produce a louder, deeper sound. Adjustable to fit around a wrist, or simply hold on to the babric band and shake.

WR-200 $ 5.00 pr.

         Wood Guiro
Traditional painted fish wood guiro with scraper.

WG-200 $ 12.50

         Bell Tree
Beautiful brass castings mounted on wooden handle with brass striker create mysterious Far East tones that can be heard above every instrument.

BT-200 $ 99.50

rainmaker          	Chinese Face Shakes          samba whistle
The soothing sounds of a summer rainstorm are yours to enjoy with every turn of the Rainmaker.

RM-200 $ 19.50

         Chinese Face Shakes
These unique handpainted wooden shakers produce a soft swish.

FS-200 $ 8.50 pr.

         Samba Whistle
Tri tone samba whistle will lend an air of Brazil to every performance and has 3 distinctive tones.

SH-200 $ 2.50

chicken shakes          Merengue Guiro          power tambourine
Chicken Shakes (plastic)
Affordable shakers produce a higher swish sound and fit small hands.

ES-200 $ 2.50 pr.

         Merengue Guiro
This guiro is hollow and has specially designed scraper to produce an extremely loud, percussive sound.

ME-200 $ 39.50

         Power Tambourine
Made from unbreakable plastic. Comfortable hand hold with rubber cushion for easy, powerful play.

PT-200 $ 12.50

Tambourine (plastic)          Tambourine (wood)          frame drum
Tambourine (plastic)
Indestructible 10" plastic tambourine has specially designed jingles for improved sound. No head gives crisp sound.

TB-200 $ 9.50

         Tambourine (wood)
10" solid wood frame tambourine has double row of jingles.

TH-200 $ 16.50

         Frame Drum
10" non tunable Frame Drum has solid wood frame.

FD-200 $ 13.50

slide whistle                  
Slide Whistle
Great for funny sound effects.Specify red or blue.

SW-200 $ 4.50

         Plastic Light Blub Maracas
Wow! How much fun are these? La Cucaracha never sounded so good!
PM-3 $ 13.50 pr.