Suzuki Music Educational Instruments

We have assembled a collection of unique and interesting sounds of the world, guaranteed to add excitement to your music ensemble. Add a new dimension to your rhythm band, Orff ensemble or any musical group with these special sound effects.

Deluxe Rhythm Band Set with Carrying Case
The Ultimate Set of Rhythm and Percussion Instruments for up to 21 players will keep your class busy and on the move. Produce many different sounds with the wide variety of instruments in the set.

Includes: Wood Block, Guiro, Metal Shaker, 2 Jingle Sticks with 2 & 3 Sets of Jingles, 2 Tambourines, 1 pr. Castanets, Castanet on a Handle, Claves, 2 Egg Shakers, Large Tick Tock, Small Tick Tock, Tone Block, 5 different sized and pitched Triangles, Maracas and Double Note Ribbed Tone Block. All in a beautiful 2 tone vinyl carrying case with pockets & handle

RS-21 Deluxe Rhythm Band Set $ 99.50

Deluxe Worldwide Rhythm Set
Worldwide Rhythm Set

Worldwide Rhythm Set
Special set of Worldwide Rhythm & Sound contains seven of the most popular instruments that have a wood like or shaker like sound quality. Set is discount priced for extra value.

Includes: 1 Vibra Slap, 1 Wood Guiro with scraper, 1 pr. Wood Maracas, 1 pr. Soft Shake, 1 Afuche, 1 Castanet on Handle, 1 Woodblock w/striker.

WRS-7a Worldwide Rhythm Set $ 119.50

Worldwide Rhythm Set

Worldwide Rhythm Set
Seven of the most popular sound effect instruments, many with a metallic or jingle sound. Extra value discount.

Includes: 2 Agogo Bells w/Mallet, 1 Metal Shaker, 1 Giant Sleigh Bell Hoop, 1 pr. Jingle Sticks, 1 Ratchet, and 1 Pin Chime..

WRS-7b Worldwide Rhythm Set $ 119.50