Included Custom Case
In Search of the "Grégoire Maret Sound"
When we embarked on making signature models for our star chromatic harmonica player Grégoire Maret, Grégoire stated that above all "I want a Beautiful Dark Sound."
This was the seed that triggered the development of the G-48 and G-48W.
Grégoire was constantly seeking this mysterious "Beautiful Dark Sound" throughout the development of his signature models. He proposed many ideas, including the materials to be used, the colors, the tolerance of the reeds and other intricate aspects of these magical instruments.
After exhaustive research, the G-48 and G-48W fulfill the spirit of his ideas to the last detail.
The G-48W has a mellower and darker sound. The high durability Rosewood cover gives an elegant sophisticated look. This cover combines ease and secure handling, high durability, and a beautiful dark sound in the overtones. The G-48W is the first ever mass-produced chromatic harmonica with a wooden cover.

G-48W Grégoire Maret Signature Model
(Wood covers)
12 Hole, 48 Notes, C ~ D4, Sliding Chromatic