Change keys or upgrade your Suzuki Harmonica with high quality, precision, interchangeable Suzuki reed plates for:
Overdrive, Promaster, Promaster Valved, Pipe Humming, Pure Harp, Fire Breath, Manji, and Chromatix Series.
(Choose your key at check out.)
RP-300 For Overdrive, 14 keys $  41.99
RP-350 For Promaster or Pipe Humming, 14 keys $  34.99
RP-350V For Promaster Valved or Promaster Valved Gold, 14 keys $  41.99
RP-500 For Pure Harp or Fire Breath, 14 keys $  44.99
RP-M-20 For Manji, 14 keys $  44.99
RP-SCX-48 For 12 Hole Chromatix, Keys: C, G, A, D, F $  99.99
RP-SCX-56 For 14 Hole Chromatix, Key of C $124.99
RP-SCX-64 For 16 Hole Chromatix, Key of C $149.99