Included Custom Case
The Suzuki Slider 14 and 16 hole chromatics are specifically designed for the performing professional. Each instrument is hand fit and assembled by a master craftsman, one at a time. The Sliders physical beauty features engraved, polished stainless steel covers contrasted by the polished ABS comb and nickel plated mouthpiece. Unparalleled musical control and playing comfort are guaranteed with the new solid brass mouthpiece, with its unique shape tone holes, ergonomic design and precise fit. The thick, solid brass reed plates, laser tuned phosphor bronze reeds and high precision slide system easily produce the rich warm tones, high volume and air tightness with instant response so sought after by the working musician. Once you hold and play a Slider chromatic, you will know this is as good as it gets! Slider chromatics include a soft padded velvet, wooden carrying case with brass hardware.

SC-56 Slider Chromatic Series
14 HOLE, 56 Reeds
$1049.99 Discontinued
Available in the key of C

SC-64 Slider Chromatic Series
16 HOLE, 64 Reeds
$1199.99 Discontinued
Available in the key of C