The SCH-24 has 96 holes with 24 chords and you can play a bass note and chord in harmony making a deeper and more expressive sound. You can even produce a trio effect. This harmonica has the chord names marked near the holes, so that it is as easy for a beginner to play as for a professional.

SCH-24 Orchestral & Ensemble Chord $1049.99

Included Custom Case
Suzuki has been producing the highest quality Harmonicas for over fifty years and has elevated the manufacturing process to an art form, as evidenced by the exceptional Orchestral Chord Harmonica, pictured here. The chord harmonica is an essential part of ensemble performance and we're proud to offer the most exclusive instrument of its kind for your performance goals. Major and 7th chords arranged on the upper row, and Minor, Diminished and Augmented chords are arranged on the lower row. 192 holes among each 2 rows of top and bottom combs create the 48 chords. Chords and melody are very easy to play. Each note has 2 reeds which create thick and rich chord sounds. Each instrument comes in a beautiful velvet lined case with protective carrying pouch.

SCH-48 Orchestral & Ensemble Chord $2089.99

Orchestral Chord Microphones
These specially designed microphones for the Orchestral Chord feature full width pickup for even amplification and are angle adjustable. Powered by Lithium batteries, they have 50 to 70 continuous hours of playing time. Durable line out cable with combo straight and right angle plugs, as well as mounting hardware are included.
Orchestral Chord Microphone
for SCH-24 
  Orchestral Chord Microphone
for SCH-48 

HMC-4 Orchestral Chord Microphone for SCH-24 $1079.99
HMC-2 Orchestral Chord Microphone for SCH-48 $1239.99