Add the Deep Rich Bottom Your Ensemble Play Needs!
Included Custom Case
To compliment the Chord Harmonica, Suzuki offers the Double Bass Harmonica for ensemble play. Special voicing or tuning gives the Double Bass a beautiful, rich, projecting sound quality. The upper low notes are tuned to a C# scale and the lower low notes are tuned to a C scale. You can cover a full 2 chromatic octaves. Each note has 2 reeds which are an octave apart. Double reeds create not only a deep and rich sound, but also a crisp sound with a projecting edge. The player has ultimate control for just the right effect. Each instrument comes in a beautiful velvet lined wooden case with carrying pouch.

SDB-29 Orchestral Double Bass $1539.99
29 Hole, Range E ~ E2

SDB-39 Orchestral Double Bass $1869.99
39 Hole, Range E ~ C2

Orchestral Bass Microphones
These specially designed microphones for the Orchestral Bass feature full width pickup for even amplification and are angle adjustable. Powered by Lithium batteries, they have 50 to 70 continuous hours of playing time. Durable line out cable with combo straight and right angle plugs, as well as mounting hardware are included.

HMB-3 Orchestral Bass Microphone for SDB-29 $769.99
HMB-1 Orchestral Bass Microphone for SDB-39 $899.99