Introducing Suzuki Humming Mate

Suzuki Slide Chord Harmonica Chord56 SSCH-56 - introduced by Filip Jers

New Suzuki Harmonica Microphone HMH-100
Intro by Joe Powers

SPAH 2013 Suzuki Products by Filip Jers

SPAH 2013 by Jackson Kincheloe

Brendan Power demonstrates the all-new high performance harp from Suzuki: the MANJI. Every component has been designed from scratch: comb, coverplates, reeds and reedplates, for the ultimate in response, tone, durability and good looks.

Brendan Power introduces the new SIRIUS chromatic harmonica range by Suzuki. The SIRIUS chroms embody the best features of Suzuki's recent technical and design developments. Great playability, tone and response at an affordable price.

A "behind-the-scenes" jam session at the 2009 SPAH convention in Sacramento. The musicians are Brendan Power, P.T. Gazell, Masaru Hashimoto and Christelle Berthon.
Grégoire Maret plays his new signature model chromatic harmonica, the Suzuki G-48. It is the same as the G-48W, but has blue enamel metal covers instead of Rosewood, for a brighter sound.
Christelle Berthon plays Misty on the Manji.
Jacob Venndt - Suzuki Chord, Bass and Chromatics.
Rob Paparozzi - Suzuki Sirius S-48S & Harpmaster MR-200
Andy Just - Suzuki Manji M-20
Ronnie Shellist - Suzuki Manji M-20